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MP dot RUN


This post is instead about being a "human-pacer" during races, or my experience in the Dutch Pacing Team.


Cross Training: Run and Bike

Today I started the run and a cycling training plan from Garmin. For running I choose a half marathon training plan with a Garmin Coach. Garmin gives three options among the coaches from which one can choose.


How far will you run?

tool to calculate the total distance covered during a training session. The calculation is based on the duration (i.e., cumulative/total minutes and seconds) of the training intervals (i.e., warm-up plus cool-down; training; and rest session) and the pace (minutes and seconds for each of the three interval types).


The Garbage Collectors

The garbage collectors is a group I made on Garmin Connect. You do not need to be s.e.r.i.o.u.s. about training to be serious about the environment, but it might be easier if you are. Here is an example of how.


The runPacer

I put together a couple of SoX commands to add a metronome tempo to some of the music I listen to while I am doing long runs. Are you wondering WHY or HOW?