How far will you run?

November 27th 2020
This was Marleen's idea. She was complaining she did not know how far she should have run when I was telling her to do a training at a given speed for some time interval. So I built this tool to calculate the total distance covered during a training session. The calculation is based on the duration (i.e., cumulative/total minutes and seconds) of the training intervals (i.e., warm-up plus cool-down; training; and rest session) and the pace (minutes and seconds for each of the three interval types).

You have to specify at least one the intervals, but not all are required. Minutes range from 0 to infinite, seconds from 0 to 59. Click "Compute" to know how many km or miles you'll have to run

Interval Time Pace (per km)
Minutes: Seconds: Minutes: Seconds:
Warm Up + Cool Down

Click the "Compute" button to calculate the distance.

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