HAHAHA, I find this hilarious because years ago I wrote a post: The runPacer. There I described how to use a script I wrote to add a ``pace'' (i.e. a 180 bpm beat) to audio files, in terms of Steps Per Minutes (spm). The idea was to pace at the beat rhythm so to follow the given cadence while running. That was a fun project! This post is instead about being a "human-pacer" during races, or my experience in the Dutch Pacing Team.

Pacing Team @ den Haag's CPC September 25th 2022 - picture Courtesy of GOLAZO Pacing Team @ den Haag's CPC September 25th 2022 - picture Courtesy of GOLAZO

The pacing team is organized by Runner's world. This page describes what the pacing team did at the Amsterdam marathon. Other marathons might have similar descriptions on their website, under the tab ``pacers''. The dutch pacing team consists of people that runs, a lot! These can keep a flat pace for the whole duration of the race because of their long experience running. The first time I saw them at a race I thought it was incredible people would sacrifice their race goal to help another reach hers/his. Later however I realized that was actually quite a more noble goal than running for one's own goal and I thought it would have been nice to become a pacer myself. So I searched and searched until I found the webpage of the Dutch Pacing Team.

In this table I report the races I paced.

A summary of the races I have paced
Name Distance Time Date Location
Sneek Marathon21.101:46:22June 25th 2022Sneek
City Pier City21.101:49:27September 25th 2022Den Haag
Amsterdam Marathon21.101:49:59October 16th 2022Amsterdam
Egmond Halve Marathon21.101:53:54January 8th 2023Egmond aan Zee
Marathon Eindhoven21.101:39:07October 8th 2023Eindhoven
Amsterdam Marathon21.101:39:57October 15th 2023Amsterdam
NN Egmond Halve Marathon21.101:52:40January 14th 2024Egmond aan Zee

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