Finishing the 15K training

It's friday and if there would be no such thing as the corona-virus, we would be on our way to Nijmegen where my parents live. The Zevenheuvelenloop ('seven hills run') was supposed to be this weekend, but even though the organisation tried everything they could to be corona-proof, they had to cancel the event.

The zevenheuvelenloop is one of the most beautiful runs in the Netherlands. It starts in Nijmegen and makes a 15 km loop over the nearby village Groesbeek. For Dutch standards, it is quite hilly, but one of the nice parts is that the last couple of kilometers, it goes downhill. But mostly the landscape is beautiful and the organisation is always very well done. It also helps that my parents live within 500m of the start and finish, which makes it very comfortable.

I ran the zevenheuvelenloop 6 times and got my fastest tim in 2018. With the help of good friend A, I managed to run it in 01:14:03. Which is 12.2 km/hr and 4:56 min/km.

But alas, no sevenheuvelenloop this year, so I decided to run 15K on my own. I started after bringing our girls to school. I was not in the mood in the beginning, so the first couple of kilometers were a bit slow. I doubted if I would do the 15K and if it wasn’t better to just do a slow run. But in the end, I managed to give myself a kick in the butt and just start running. The first 11K, I managed in 1 hour and then decided I wanted to finish in less then 01:20:00. I speeded up and managed to finish in 01:19:45! Hurray!

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